Blog Changes

I’ve been busy making a few changes on the blog. My apologies for any perturbation felt. For the observant you will have noted that our domain name has changed. The previous domain is my personal domain and I wanted to separate my writing about non technical subjects from the cloud stuff. So I’ve reclaimed my personal domain and moved the Chaos blog to This new domain was supposed to be the public face of my consultancy business, but I’ve never used. So it was just a cool domain I had hanging around and now it hosts this blog.

And now a request … If you like the blog then please take the time to comment. It’s really nice to know that there is someone out there reading my brain dumps. Introduce yourself, tell us what your working on or find a post you liked or hated and make your feelings known. If that isn’t enough then you could also take time to follow me on twitter @wildyoungchung.

Thanks in advance, and I now return you to normal service.


Eclipse and GAE and AWS

For “suits”, Excel is the gaffer tape of the business world. For a long time Apache Ant was the gaffer tape of the Java development world. It was great and I actually looked forward to writing yet another build.xml file. I did switch to maven for a while, but my heart wasn’t in it. Since switching to Google App Engine and Amazon Web Services, I’ve found that I haven’t touched a build.xml file for years (CruiseControl not withstanding). When you don’t need the gaffer tape anymore, it means that someone has fixed the problem.
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