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Signing up for an Amazon Appstore Account

In response to Amazon’s announcement to allow html5 web app monetisation, it is probably time to open up that Amazon Appstore account and start to monetise some apps. You’ll find the onboarding experience to be relatively painless and as long as you have your tax and banking details to hand you can quickly move through their online tax interview process and become the proud owner of a shiny, but empty developers dashboard.

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Book Review: Universal Principles of Design

From time to time I like to throw in a curve ball and on the face of it this book is one of those times. What does a book about design have to do with sales, marketing and being an entrepreneur. The answer is of course that it depends on the book. The reality is that anything we make from websites and business cards to business processes and client interation are designed. If you doubt that you can design a customer interaction then you’ve never used Apple support. This book is another classic text, but this time it gives you a solid grounding in the key principles that influence every design decision we make.
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By: Shane Adams - CC BY 2.0

Book Review: Johnny Bunko – The Last Career Guide

A guidebook for career building doesn’t sound like a book that would be relevant to the audience of this site. However, this particular book has much to offer, but don’t expect any ground shaking revelations. It’s a fun way to remind yourself that you need to reflect on where you are and make sure that you are moving in the right direction. It’s 10 minutes of reading time and a lifetime of commitment.
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Podcast Review: Startups For The Rest of Us

I’m almost finished a marathon podcast catchup session. Over the past couple of months I’ve been catching up on the 100+ back catalogue of the Startups For The Rest of Us Podcast. The podcast is focussed on helping developers, designers and entrepreneurs launch software products, and is ably presented by Rob Walling and Mike Taber.

Solo entrepreneurship or micropreneurship is a lonely existence, so having resources such as this podcast is an important tool to help inspire, motivate and inform. I rarely listen to a full back catalogue, but with few exceptions each episode is packed full of information that would be helpful to any entrepreneur who intends to bootstrap a solo software product. The advice is clear and well structured and more importantly, is backed by experience. So much of the Internet is packed with experts who clearly have little to contribute due to the fact they have no experience in the domain they are discussing. This is certainly not the case with Rob and Mike. Rob in particular is spearheading the interest in solo startups with multiple resources including this podcast, an ebook, an online community as well as a conference.

This podcast is a shining example of what can be achieved with the medium and is  highly recommend listening for all those who want to bootstrap their own micropreneurial project. I just wish I had found it sooner.

By: Andrew Magill - CC BY 2.0

Book Review: Selling The Invisible

Many books will declare themselves as classic texts and in the marketing arena few deserve the title. However, Harry Beckwith’s Selling The Invisible, A Field Guide to Modern Marketing is certainly a book that deserves your attention. I love this book and it has influenced my thinking and approach to how I market and sell services possibly more than any other resource. As Seth Godin calls us to innovate then Beckwith provides a call for us to build relationships and does so with an entertaining and insightful guide book.
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